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Changing a System or a Culture
We talk a lot about helping organizations change, and many of us advise leaders and managers on how to implement and lead change initiatives. But how do you actually get companies – the people – to change? How do you rally the leadership team to support the change?
We’ll have a panel of professionals/experts who have carried out successful change projects mostly as internals – from health care, energy and the financial industry. We’ll hear about the challenges they faced and their approaches to address those challenges.
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Metaphor Maps
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Graphic Facilitation with Debra Vinci - 2012
Some facilitators (most of us ;-) record text in linear lines on flipcharts - while others use beautiful colors and symbols to grab the viewer and render the information more memorable. Some conversations seem to take the form of a journey or a map, like a picture of a journey towards our goal in the far horizon; the river might represent the action steps to reach the goal. Other conversations may be captured in a metaphor, like a ladder reaching up to our vision, or a boat at sea encountering high waves and sharks, which represent the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving our goals. Whatever it is, there might be a compelling pictorial way to represent the discussion.
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Improv with Izzy Gessell - 11/2013
This program focused on the professional benefits of improvisation for the facilitator, including: how to use the movement of the body to inform what you’re thinking and feeling, and how to become an observer of your physical and mental state; how to help people understand that “anything is possible, but not everything will work”.
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Mike Halperin: Difficult to Discuss OD Issues - 03/2013
Great session on how to build trust and effective relationships with key stakeholders. Key learnings about the kinds of conversations to have during contracting phase with clients (internal and/or external).

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Merging Cultures with Anne Litwin - 2012
The "short" people encountered the "tall" people as they tried to work together to build towers - and the cultural differences got in the way! The simulation involved two cultures: the 8 members of Team A sport the orange scarves. After building their (beautiful) purple-masked tower, Team A members distributed themselves among the 5 Team B's, and attempted to assist them in building each team's tower. If you want to know what ensued, you'll have to sign up for Anne's future workshops - or join the BFR! But, if you've ever been in an organization or department that's merged, you can probably guess :-)
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Facilitation Blues with Rob Fletcher.
Turns out we have wonderful musical and theatrical talent in BFR members! Using music for teambuilding - what a concept. Harmoniously presented by Rob Fletcher.

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The Knowledge Jam
If you build the best product in the organization, how will all the other staff learn your secrets to success? Why, the Knowledge Jam, of course! Here we are building towers -the tallest was 7 feet! What did that team do that the others didn't?? In this wonderful activity of knowledge sharing, the participants (employees) interview the successful team about their approach. Nicely facilitated by Kate Pugh.

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Mt. Everest Simulation
Wonderful simulation with 5-member teams facilitated by Michael Roberto and Deborah Soule. Each team had to decide whether or not to climb from one camp to the next, depending on the wind and temperature, our health - from frostbite to altitude sickness, available food, and our individual goals.
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Conflict Resolution with Even Weizman - 06/2013
Any experienced facilitator or consultant has seen his or her work delayed, transformed or even sabotaged by organizational conflict. Therefore, it is essential to diagnose and address destructive conflict in order to foster an environment for organizational initiatives to take root and thrive.
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Facilitating On-Line Collarboration
This workshop explored communicating and decision-making in the virtual environment.
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Earlier Days...
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BFR Board of Directors
Fredia Woolf, Perry Carrison, Janet Britcher, Peter McLoughlin. President Abby Yanow absent.
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