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If you haven't yet been to a BFR meeting, you're in for a treat!  We've also added a webinar on Oct. 23.  We look forward to seeing you in our fall programs.  
Abby Yanow, BFR President

If we're learning and having fun it must be the BFR :)

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Welcome to our new members!

Sarah Bursky
Gale Batchelder
Vidra Harris
Pamela Stepp
Dieter Reuther
Betsey Dalbeck
Lisa Montoya

Save the date for these upcoming programs

Oct. 3: Future Thinking: A Simulation for Visioning, Planning, and Decision-Making

Thursday, Oct. 23, 12–1:30PM: WEBINAR with Penny Walker:  Multi-organizational Collaborative Processes

Nov. 7: Group Consultation with Non-Profits – This is a repeat of a very popular program that we’ve done for the last 2 years.

Dec. 12: Butterfly Framework of Complex Human Systems

The announcements will go out a month in advance of the session.

BFR Survey
We will be sending out a survey in a few weeks and would appreciate your taking 5 minutes to respond to it.  Thank you!

Do you have a tool or a case to present to the BFR?

We’re looking for presenters to 2 programs for spring of 2015: OD Toolkit and “Cliffhangers with Clients!”

The OD Toolkit will comprise of 3 tools presented by 3 BFR members.   In the past we’ve included “Intro to NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming”, Stages of Team Development, Ladder of Inference, Using Legos with teams, and “What automobile/ animal/ type of garden is your team?”  What tool can you present?
“Cliffhangers with Clients!”  will comprise of 2-3 cases that describe a client engagement or facilitation when something unexpected happened that caught you off-guard.  You will describe the situation to the group, and leave us at the Cliffhanging moment.  We will work in small groups to discuss what each of us would have done in your shoes and the reasons behind that.  Then we’ll hear the actual outcome from the presenter, and explore what we’ve learned from people’s different approaches.  Got an interesting case?

BFR Member Benefit: Get found on the Member Directory!

We have a publicly accessible Member Directory so people can find out about you and your skillset.  This feature makes it possible for people to search the directory by areas of expertise. This means that members of the public can find you if they need a consultant with your skills, and other BFR members can find you to collaborate on projects or seek your expert advice.  Here's an example:
John Connaughton
Connaughton Coaching & Consulting
Member Since: 2014

Organizational Development
Leadership Development
Talent Management
Coaching & Mentoring
Team Building
Relationship Building

Members:  We will be sending out a reminder with your username and password so you can update your profile.

Non-members:  If you’d like to be listed in the directory, join here.

Meeting venue

Do you know of a company in Boston that would like to host BFR meetings, which would allow their staff to participate and connect to our awesome selves? :)  Let us know.

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