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Kudos to our own Anne Litwin!

Anne was recently quoted in a Globe article
Re. the recent research findings that people are more comfortable with co-workers of the same sex:  The findings do not surprise Anne Litwin, an organizational development consultant. Litwin said that in workshops she has conducted, people commonly revealed they are more comfortable with co-workers of the same sex. 

Men complain they have to “walk on eggshells” around women colleagues, she said, out of fear of saying something they might find offensive. “They feel like their equilibrium is being thrown off, and it’s uncomfortable,” said Litwin, author of the recently published “New Rules for Women: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together.”

Do you know a BFR member who has received recognition, publicly or in their community?


Welcome to our new members!

Jamie Batson
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Meeting venue

Do you know of a company in Boston that would like to host BFR meetings, which would allow their staff to participate and connect to our awesome selves? :)  Let us know.


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Sign up now for  Dec. 12: Accelerating Transformation: Butterfly Framework of Complex Human Systems, Vicky Schubert and Anne Starr.  If you're missing the member discount link, please email   (Thanks to Sadie for all her admin help!)

We are in process of designing a program for Feb. 6 on Unfreezing a process, system or culture - Helping organizations prepare for and operationalize change with a panel of internal and external members who have expertise in change management in various industries:  financial, energy and health care.  You can sign up now, while we'll also be sending out more details.

Collaborative Coaching with Non-Profit Directors

On Nov. 7 we had a very successful event hosting 8 executive directors for collaborative coaching.  BFR members asked questions to help the directors get clear about their problems and frame their future action.  Selected feedback from the directors:
  • It was fabulous; I appreciated the process and the questioning of the consultants.  It helped me start thinking strategically.  Some of the questions helped me get back in touch with my creativity.  
  • Phenomenal process!  Such useful information in a safe way.  Hugh Aha!  I had issues that were really symptoms of a bigger problem. Great process.  The team got me down to the data and away from my assumptions.  I got great insights, ideas and steps forward.  I appreciated the expertise and the variety of insights.
  • I lucked out to get clarity - what I came in with was not what I ended up talking about.  Really good therapy!
  • Most remarkable 5-person therapy!  I got a number of lovely small Aha!s which confirmed the good things that we're doing, as well as identifying areas for my personal growth. 
We've posted more feedback on the website.


Webinar: People Succession: the Value, the Process, the Challenges and More
We had an excellent webinar on Nov. 14 with Carol Bergeron, president of Bergeron Associates.  

Participants' key Takeaways from the session:
  1. Have a system to always be developing people to rise up.
  2. I realized I could make a stronger argument for the benefits of succession planning.
  3. We need clarity of process, in particular around making the business case and anticipated challenges.
  4. My client has a plan for every leadership role and several peoples' names appear as a successor for more than one leadership job. 
  5. Look for multiple opportunities to "plug and play" - i.e. several people for one role, and one person for multiple roles.
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Susan Letterman White
Letterman White Consulting
President and CEO
Braintree, MA 02184

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