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Special Discount Offer: Grove Publishing

We have created an affiliation with Grove Publishing for BFR members to receive a 15% discount on your first order.  You may be familiar with Grove's templates for strategic visioning and strategic planning, some of which we used in the BFR workshops on Graphic Facilitation presented by Debra Vinci.  Click here to take advantage of your discount.

BFR member Alexander Caillet's new article

Congratulations to Alexander on this article published in Harvard Business Review:
How Your State of Mind Affects Your Performance, co-authored by Alexander, Jeremy Hirschberg and Stefano Petti.

International Association of Facilitators Conference

IAFNA 2015 Conference
International Association of Facilitators North America
May 14-16, 2015
Banff Center, Alberta, Canada
Innovating, Promoting and ApplyingSeeking New Facilitation Heights and Insights

Call for Proposals - due Jan. 31, 2015

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Do you want to help plan an engaging, fun BFR program?  Excellent opportunity to apply your workshop design chops and to impress your colleagues!  Email us.


BFR members continually express their appreciation of the BFR community, the generous sharing of expertise and wisdom, and the high quality of programs.  We invite you to join us.

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Video Clips of Steve Ober's program

We're experimenting with livestreaming!  (see below)  THANK YOU to Alan Niebanck who recorded the Jan. 20 program and who is volunteering to help us with the recordings.  To whet your appetite, here is a short clip from one of last week’s participants:   http://www.bostonfacilitators.org/unleash_the_power_of_your_stor.php

Upcoming Programs

TEAM DEVELOPMENT TOOLS:  “Shift POV” plus other models, with Kym Dakin-Neal, President, Voice into Learning.  Fri, Feb. 6, 2015  9:00am-12:30pm.  @ Constant Contact, Waltham.  Networking @9am; Program @9:30am

NEW RULES FOR WOMEN: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together,  with author Anne Litwin. Feb. 12, 7-9pm @ Walker Center, Auburndale.

CHANGING A SYSTEM OR A CULTURE:  A LOOK FROM THE INSIDEWed., March 4, 6-9pm @Pine Manor College.  Panel of internals who have expertise in carrying out change initiatives in their organizations in health care, energy and financial industries.

Coaches: Unleash the Power of Your Client's Story

We enjoyed the workshop with Steve Ober on systemic stories on Jan. 20, and we're planning to have a follow-up workshop.  Here's the link to his article:  Unleashing the Power of your Story.  Steve's E-book on this subject is available for $8.

Key takeaways:
  1. Awareness of self talk and how it impacts behavior.
  2. Re-enforcement to follow my intuition and how to convert my potential into powerful action.
  3. This is a powerful tool that tries to shift our internal narratives if they are blocking us, identifying the "self talk" and expressing it.  This is an art that needs practice and skill to use effectively.

Livestreaming BFR programs

In case you missed the email:
We’re experimenting with livestreaming our programs so people can watch and listen in remotely.  We livestreamed Tuesday’s program, “Unleash the power of your story” – and had one remote participant who reported:  the recording was perfect!   Livestream means that you can watch in real time on your computer or mobile device;  it’s not interactive in the way that a virtual program is.  We’ll experiment with ways to allow people to interact, but at the moment it’s a one-way delivery – to your house. 

We are working hard to determine if and how this can be a feasible extension of BFR services.  If you’re interested in helping us with this please let me/us know.  If you are camera-savvy, if you can record a meeting with an your IPad or a mobile phone - or if you have expertise in getting good audio, or if you can help edit the video, let us hear from you.

BFR Member Benefit: Get found on the Member Directory

We have a publicly accessible Member Directory so the public can find you if they need a consultant with your skills, and other BFR members can find you to collaborate on projects or seek your expert advice.  Here's an example:  I searched on "harassment", as someone asked me for a referral last month.
Judy Kaye
Judith Kaye Training & Consulting
Providence, RI 02906
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Seasoned diversity practitioner, consultant, trainer, and speaker.
Skilled at designing and conducting workshops for all functional levels in a wide variety of industries. Certified by the Mass. Commission Against Discrimination to deliver training on prevention of discrimination and harassment in the workplace

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