Welcome to the Boston Facilitators Roundtable!

The BFR is a professional development network of 800+ facilitators, trainers, coaches and organizational development (OD) professionals, from across New England.  In Feb. 2015, the BFR became the New England regional chapter of the OD Network

Our mission is to provide professional development in organizational development, facilitation and coaching to professionals who work to increase the impact and effectiveness of leaders, teams and organizations.  We also enjoy the colleague-ship of members who share their knowledge and expertise for the learning benefit of the entire community.   

The BFR, which has been meeting in Boston since 2000, serves members from throughout New England.  Throughout the year BFR members get together for 8 face-to-face workshops; see the upcoming programs on the home page and the description of past programs

Member Benefits:  In addition to meeting discounts, BFR members also post messages to the BFR Forum and receive job postings, and have access to a file archive of member advice and a member directory.
  BFR members also receive a $25 discount on OD Network membership.

Join UsWe look forward to meeting you.

In March 2015, the Boston Facilitators Roundtable received the "Outstanding Regional Network Award" from the national OD Network!  "This Award honors a Regional Network whose leadership, programs, organization and mission; respond to its members’ needs, and adds value to a diverse constituency of local practitioners."  


President's Welcome

AbbyThe unique value of the BFR is the collegial and welcoming community that we have built. We thrive on fun, interactive workshops and an active member communication forum. The BFR has an embarrassment of riches in our skilled members who share generously of their knowledge and expertise. Since 2001 we have grown from a small group of about 200 people to a dynamic network of 800+ people. We are committed to inclusion and to delivering high value. Come see for yourself!

Contact Abby Yanow, BFR President
Governance & Management

BFR Board of Directors - 2014BFR is a nonprofit organization (501(c)(6)) registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, who are:  Vicky Schubert, Mick Verran, Michael Connolly and Marilyn Kobus.  (photo coming)

At right is the the 2013 Board of Directors: Perry Carrison, Martha Mueller Cook, Fredia Woolf,
and Peter McLoughlin. Many thanks to Perry, Fredia and Peter who stepped down in 2014-2015 after many years of staunch support of the BFR. Thanks also to Martha Mueller Cook for her 2+ years of board service until August 2015.
To reach the Board, send an email to board@bostonfacilitators.org.


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Calendar of Events

BFR’s Collaborative Coaching program has proven to be very popular over the last few years. This year we’re going to be conducting this program with one organization, the May Institute, which serves individuals across the lifespan with autism and other disorders

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Please join us for an evening with Ron Warren PhD, author of Personality at Work - The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership. In Personality at Work, psychologist Ron Warren lays out the key personality traits that drive high performance—and the common traits that derail it.

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BFR Culture

The BFR has a No-Marketing policy, which helps preserve the collegial culture we've built. Members ask we not market our OD/ Facilitation/ Coaching services to one another. Members may, however, promote their programs in the BFR monthly calendar, for which Sharon Kalus solicits submissions every month by email. Thank you Sharon!