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We are a professional development network of facilitators, trainers, coaches and Organizational Development (OD) professionals, from across New England.  We are internal and external consultants, working to build effective leaders, teams and organizations. 

Our mission is to learn and promote interactive models of facilitation and participatory process.  We are interested in topics such as leadership development, change management, team building and group process.  Recent programs include:  Merging Cultures, Graphic Facilitation, Team Coaching, Handling Difficult-to-Discuss Issues, Virtual Facilitation.

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2013 WRAP UP
2013 has been another wonderful year of BFR workshops and participation in this dynamic community, with lots of tools and learning for our work.  We’ve raised/kept the bar incredibly high!  with our programs, which is the feedback we've gotten from participants.  We also successfully launched a membership model, and we now have 350 members!  and another 500 on our email list.  We are fortunate to have so many talented and collegial members, which has led to the BFR's reputation for generosity in sharing of our knowledge and combined wisdom, on the listserve and in person.  So we can all pat ourselves on the shoulder :)  We look forward to meeting new members and seeing familiar faces in 2014!
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President's Welcome

  • AbbyBFR President, Abby Yanow
The unique value of the BFR is the collegial and welcoming community that we have built.   We thrive on fun, interactive workshops and an active communication forum.  The BFR has an embarrassment of riches in our skilled members who share generously of their knowledge and expertise.  Since 2001 we have grown from a small group of about 200 people to a dynamic network of 800+ people. We are committed to inclusion and to delivering high value. Come see for yourself!

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Membership Renewal

BFR depends on the support of community members to deliver interactive workshops and engaging on-line forums. About one year ago we launched a formal membership model, which means now is the time for many members to renew.

Here's what BFR members have been saying.
  • BFR is still the best value around. Kudos to the board for helping this organization grow and sustain its quality and value.
  • Bravo! It would be criminal to let this marvelous group and its endeavors lose momentum due to lack of resources. Your pricing couldn't be more reasonable - just hope it's enough!
  • BFR is such a great value and I think has been woefully under-priced, which is good news/bad news.
  • I am happy to pay per year and would suggest another category for 'leaders' who want to support at a higher level ($100/year).

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Calendar of Events

What is the one thing that binds people together in organizations? What gives them their greatest ability to achieve? The answer is simple to name, and can be quite complex to define: Identity. In this session, we will discuss what forms this common identity.  Is it the work we do? The money that we exchange? The location that we work in?  Is it our passion? The feelings that we share? Our style—or something else that we cannot put words to?  How do we blend our own identity with that of the organization?

Presenters: Beth Shapiro and Fernando Lopez


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BFR Culture

The BFR has a No-Marketing policy, which helps preserve the collegial culture we've built. Members ask we not market our services to one another. Members may, however, promote their programs in the BFR monthly calendar, for which Sharon Kalus solicits submissions every month by email. Thank you Sharon!