2013 Consultation with Non-Profits

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In 2013 we hosted our second Live Consultation with Non-profit Directors. We invited 7 Non-Profit directors to work with small groups of BFR members who coached them on current challenges.  We designed an Action Learning format which allowed for multiple levels of learning: directors from consultants and vice versa, and consultants from each other, as we listened to how different people approach problems. The following feedback reflects the high quality of BFR programs and the exceptional skills of BFR members – not to mention the wonderful community that we have created!  

Non-Profit Directors’ Feedback

  • This was brilliant. My wonderful team helped me tease out so many intersecting issues. I had the whole elephant in my head - now I’m focused on the 4 big issues. It’s given me a lot of solid material for our sustainability plan.
  • The experience was nothing short of amazing and I learned a great deal about what I need to do in regards to my challenge of advisory board development.  I’m very impressed by how much we were able to achieve in a short space of time.  It’s like speed-dating, but now I want to date the whole team.
  • I’m in awe of what the group has given me. I feel refreshed by some of the different perspectives.  I’ll throw out some of my old notions.  I’m impressed by the suggestion of using inquiry rather than proposal, argumentative style.  I couldn’t be happier.

BFR Members’ Feedback

  • It was fascinating to see the boundaries between an inquiry and an advisory style, and how people used each differently.
  • It was great to see the different choices people make, and why.
  • This was my first meeting. The quality of the discussions has reinforced my commitment to my decision to pursue mission-driven OD work.
  • This was a gift. I have many ideas about how to ask questions.

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