2014 Collaborative Coaching

Collaborative Coaching of Non-Profit Directors

Social learning is at the cutting edge of learning these days.  As Wenger and Trayner sayLearning that matters today is social, in real time, and inventive.   Social learning means that people engage in problem solving together, as a group, trying to solve a current problem (in real time), and coming up with inventive or creative solutions.  In this program, BFR members work collaboratively, asking the Executive directors questions to help them gain clarity about their problem, which is often different from their initial framing of the problem.  We are very proud of this annual program that involves social learning, in real-time, with inventive outcomes. 

In Nov. 2014, we had the third iteration of a very successful event hosting executive directors (ED) for collaborative coaching by BFR members. 

Selected feedback from the directors:
  • It was fabulous; I appreciated the process and the questioning of the consultants.  It helped me start thinking strategically.  Some of the questions helped me get back in touch with my creativity.  
  • Phenomenal process!  Such useful information in a safe way.  Hugh Aha!  I had issues that were really symptoms of a bigger problem. Great process.  It's seldom that I get to sit down with folks in a non-threatening process.  The team got me down to the data and away from my assumptions.  I got great insights, ideas and steps forward.  I appreciated the expertise and the variety of insights.
  • I lucked out to get clarity - what I came in with was not what I ended up talking about.  Really good therapy!
  • Most remarkable 5-person therapy!  I got a number of lovely small Aha!s which confirmed the good things that we're doing, as well as identifying areas for my personal growth. 
  • This process was very helpful;  keeping my mouth shut really helped me listen (while the consultants talked among themselves)
  • I got clarity around the issue; it was great to talk with people who don't have skin in the game.