2015 Boston Medical Center

We brought our successful Collaborative Coaching format to 6 directors at the Boston Medical Center on May 13, 2016.   It was a win-win for everyone: the directors got high value from the coaching, and consultants learned from each other about how to approach a problem and how to ask great questions!  Here is some of the feedback from the directors and the consultants:

  • This was exceptional
  • Not sure of my expectations coming in – this exceeded my expectations.
  • Talented group of consultants who were focusing on me!
  • Helped crystallize issues
  • Process was very helpful;  Eye opening
  • Transformational
  • Helped me see beyond my assumptions
  • Terrific – never had an experience like this before
  • One director thought the teams rehearsed, i.e., that it went so well, we did pre-work.

Director Takeaways
  • Not about fear- this gave me a sense of abundance, opportunity, and hope
  • Resistance is a gift & opportunity. Don’t avoid resistance; get buy in.
  • Open and frank conversation: acknowledge past failures and what we need to learn
  • Need to move beyond working in silos
  • Identify key stakeholders: build regular relationships, not just when there are problems
  • Care about them (stakeholders, people we want to collaborate with) first so they’ll care about me!
  • Build incentive plan for positive outcomes
  • Need to reflect more
  • Let go and let staff do more
  • The value of thought partners
  • Spending political capital appropriately

Consultant Takeaways
  • Coaching with other coaches was easier and more nuanced than doing it myself
  • Sum is greater than the parts
  • Important to trust the process
  • Be open to wisdom; learning to let go
  • The meeting as a whole was a metaphor for collaboration
  • We didn’t compete as consultants, we built on each other
  • The experience was real; great experience working on a vexing problem
  • It was great the way we built on each other's questions
We've already been asked to come back!!