2022 Program Survey results

Thank you to all who took the time to share your thoughts and opinions. Respondents' feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with valuable recommendations for future programs and events.
There were a total of 63 respondents who responded to the survey questions:
  1. What BFR programs or member services have provided the most value to you?
    1. Programs (80.6%)
    2. Postings of Inquiries (56.5%)
  2. How many BFR virtual webinars or networking opportunities have you attended over the past 12 months?
    1. 1-3 (49%)
    2. 0 (31.7%) 
  3. How would you describe the quality of BFR programs?
    1. Very good (42%)
    2. Excellent (37%) 
  4. What has held you back from participating in more BFR events in the last 12 months?
    1. Times/dates not convenient (65%)
    2. Not interested in the topic ( 45%)
    3. Zoom overload (45%) 
  5. What was your all-time favorite webinar(s) or networking opportunity(ies)?  Responses ranged from:
  • "Too long to recall."
  • Improv techniques
  • Psychological safety
  • "So many" 
  1. What made it your favorite?
    1. "I learned a lot, "programs were engaging and interesting."
    2. "It was live and experiential."
    3. "Provided a fresh approach, very applicable."
    4. "Insights from participants" 
  1. Which of the following topics would you find useful to include in our future professional development offerings?
    1. Leadership development (56%)
    2. Team dynamics/development ((61%)
    3. Organizational development ((54%)
    4. Facilitation (54%)
    5. Change management (46%) 
  2. What additional programs or member services would be appealing to you?  
    1. Programs on writing blogs/articles about your area of expertise
    2. Mentoring/coaching triads/coaching supervision/coaching circles
    3. Shifting mindsets towards agile/innovative 
  3. How likely would it be for you to attend in-person meetings by fall 2022?  (with consideration to health protocols)
    1. Somewhat likely (42%)
    2. Very likely (19.4%)
    3. Likely (18%)
    4. Not likely  (21%) 
  4. How likely is it that you would recommend BFR programs or networking opportunities to a friend or colleague?
    1. Very likely (58%)
    2. Likely (29%)
    3. Somewhat likely (13%) 
  5. Is there anything else you would like to share?
    1. Several positive comments mentioned Abby and her dedication to our coaching/facilitators community. A few people said they are looking forward to hearing about future plans. Overall, the comments were positive, and they expressed appreciation for the work that the BFR does.