Butterfly Framework of Complex Human Systems

Thanks to Vicky Schubert and Anne Starr for presenting this Butterfly Framework to BFR members in Dec. 2014;  kudos to Steve Ober and SOL friends for helping to develop the framework.

In the workshop we identified the many tools that we all use, and placed them on the butterfly diagram according to the siting of the intervention - whether we're intervening at the business level, dealing with mental models, or feelings, etc.  You can make out some of the post-its; down below is a text listing of the models.

Butterfly Framework of Complex Human Systems Workshop  12-Dec-14
Survey of Tools BFR Participants Use to Help the System See Itself
(I've placed these tools more or less where they were placed on the framework with the understanding that many of these tools are used at multiple systemic levels and there is a lot of overlap)
Environment Business Organization Face-to-Face Mental Models Feelings Critical Image/
Theory U Cultural Audits Group draws org/team history along several dimensions; build the elephant Mutual Learning Model; Schwartz et al, Facilitators' Fieldbook Context we live, move from; Sufficiency - Lynne Twist Aikido Somatics; what is your body telling you?
Environmental Scan SWOT Analysis Focus Groups/ Interviews Causal Loop Diagramming 1-on-1 interviews, structured but exploratory Equine Assisted Learning Leadership embodyment, aikido, mindfulness; Wendy Palmer What's at risk? Core operating assumptions
Stakeholder Analysis Emergent Learning Art of Hosting Change Immunity Map (Kegan, mindsatwork.com) X3 Leadership Agility (Bill Joiner); Developmental Stages; Integral "The Work"; Limiting Beliefs Top Focused Conversation Method; www.top-network.org
Systemic Constellations Corporate Lifecycles (author: Adizes) LEGO Serious Play (landscape) Organizational Role Analysis (Grubb Institute) Coaching in depth Strategic Questions (Peavey) DISC & MBTI Ron Heifitz, "going to the balcony"
4-Player Model (David Kantor) Integral Theory; Native Perspectives – lyedie.com   LEGO Serious Play (Identity) Realise 2 Strengths Profile for understanding of strengths rooted in personal stories
    5 Speech Acts Symbols, Process, 4 Archetypes & Inquiry (Lyedie Geer) Barry Oshry, Seeing Systems powerandsystems.com Constructive Develomental Theory; Kegan, Torbert, Joiner Storywork
    Greiner's Stages of Org Devel. (Evolution v. Revolution)   Power, Equity, Inclusion Lens Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership Practices; Michael Carroll, Janice Marturano  
    Dimensions of Success; Relationships, Process, Results.   Cultural Proficiency Lens Stance  
     www.interactionassociates.com  X2   Inside Team, www.crrglobal.com Hopes and Fears