Categories of BFR programs

Leadership Development Coaching Organizational Development Change Management
*Boyatzis – Resonant Leadership , Sept. 2016

*Peter Bregman –  Coaching leaders in orgns. Sept. 2016
*LMAP Leadership Assessment, Ron Warren

*Exploring Professional Identity and Adult Development Via Metaphor

*Why Developmental Theory Matters to Coaches & Consultants, Chris Wahl
*Uncovering Blindspots, April 2016

*Collaborative Coaching with Executive Directors - annual program

*HBDI - Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, Whole Brain Thinking. 2018.
*OD in Action, Martha Miser and Anna Tansi

*Effective Consulting – Miser and Tansi

*Systems Thinking – David Stroh; * ST Playbook: Linda Booth Sweeney

*"Relational Coordination": Transforming Relationships for High Performance, Jody Gittell

*Start-up: Beginning the Client Engagement, 09/2018.

* System centered thinking: Working With Differences And Reducing Conflict Using Functional Sub-Grouping. Alida Zweidler-McKay, 2019.
*Change Leadership Effectiveness, Kimberlee Williams, March 2016.

*Ford and UAW, Joel Gershenfeld
Facilitation Personal Development/ Discovery Teams Networking
*Cliffhanger program 2016

* Facilitating Cliffhangers 2018
* Fast Track to Getting Results, 2016
* Creating your Professional Brand – Daniel Vogelzang
*Life Purpose and Work, Madeline Snow (#1)
Rob Greenly, Perry Carrison and Abby Yanow (#2).
* Stages of Team Development, Beth Shapiro, Nov. 2017
* TEI Team Emotional Intelligence, Steve Wolff, 2016
* Team Diagnostic Survey,Ruth Wageman.

* The Heart of Team Coaching, Daphne Woolfolk

* Richard Kasperowski: High-performance teams: Core Protocols for Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence

* Inspired Teams, Steve Wolff 2019
* Dinner and networking - Dec. 2017, June 2018.

* Virtual networking: Feb, July, Oct. 2018; Jan. 2019

* Sustainers Party 2016, 2018.