Communication Guidelines

  1. FORUM:  BFR members - Full members and Sustaining members can post queries to the BFR forum (listserve) to
  1. Everyone, members and non-members, should be able to respond to inquiries; that’s how we set up this system.  If you find that your response doesn’t go through, please let us know so we can inform the website company.
  1. When people respond to a member’s inquiry, the response goes directly to the sender.  You don’t need to revise the email address. 
  1. For the person posting the inquiry:  we ask that you compile the responses and send that compilation to the list.  Simply attach it to your email message and send to
  1. If you ask for names of people who are interested in a job or contract, please don’t send a list of compiled names to the list.  People who submit their names may assume it’s confidential and may not want that information shared.  
  1. Members, please submit job postings to
We have a searchable archive of member inquiries dating up to 2014, when we became a non-profit and created the website.There are several excellent compilations of members’ advice on topics such as assessments, change management, coaching, facilitation, etc.  Click on Archive of Inquiries.    
We have a no-marketing policy, and we appreciate that everybody honors that policy.  Paying members can however promote your program or workshop in the BFR monthly calendar, which Sharon Kalus organizes;  she solicits entries the 2nd Friday of every month.  She asks for a specific format which is in her monthly email.You can reach her at Many thanks to Sharon for this service!!
  1. Please be sure that these email addresses are marked as safe in your email program, so that you are certain to receive meeting announcements:;;; (Sharon Kalus).
  1. Members:  Be sure to update your profile in the Member directory!  Login using your password (email us if you don’t remember it), then scroll down, where it says Welcome to the Member Area.  Under Member Information, click on Change Contact/Profile Info.