Group coaching Program

This program will primarily use a Peer coaching format.  The group will collectively coach the case/problem presenter.  Tentative start date Tues. March 19.  Each session will be 1 hr. 15 min., done over Zoom/virtually.  We have a tentative schedule of dates but we may have to do a Doodle poll to get a date that works for everyone. 
Purpose:  To support people who are working in OD consulting, team or leadership development, coaching or training, whether you're internal or external.
Examples: You can bring any questions to the group that would support you in your professional development.  These include both coaching and mentoring questions. Here's a sampling of questions you might bring:
  • I'm disappointed about an engagement that I did (and I'd like to learn from it)
  • I'm concerned that something unexpected will happen in a meeting that I'm facilitating
  • I’m facilitating an offsite with a leadership team next week; I’ve interviewed the team members and none of them trusts the team leader.  What should I do?
  • I'm not sure what I need to do to upskill in X area
The discounted price will be: Members $125/5 sessions.  Non-members:  $200.  (You can join the BFR for $75/year).
  • The Group: A consistent group of 8-10 people.
  • Duration:  5 months
  • Frequency: Once/month.
  • Time of day:  Late afternoon, 5-6:15pm, for 1.25 hour sessions.  VIRTUAL program.
  • The format:  Participants can bring a case from their work, a problem or a question to the session.  If possible, participants will send a brief summary of their case in advance.   
  • Benefit:  For a case presenter, get coaching to help you gain clarity about how to handle the situation you find/found yourself in.  For everyone, learn from the experience of other people.  Ask questions that will support your learning and professional development.
Facilitator/coach: Abby Yanow, PCC
BFR Members: