HBDI -Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument

February 7, 2018 program:  Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument.
Facilitator: Manny Elkind. 
Key takeaways:

  1. Being mindful of this question: What am I primed to pay attention to?  
  2. Noticing the distinction between preferences and skills.  We develop skills that we need to get our work done, but we may have preferences that are different, or in addition to, the skills that we use day-to-day. 
  3. Awareness that my own thinking preferences can create blindspots. 
  4. This is a great tool to bring to work for better team alignment, conflict resolution, etc.

What people appreciated:

  1. Loved the interaction with other participants. The exercises that Manny introduced were right on!
  2. Interactive learning model
  3. Manny's facilitation and the group