Unleash the Power of Your Story

In "Unleashing the Power of your Story", which Steve Ober presented, we worked on stories that we tell ourselves, and stories that our clients tell, and how we as coaches can help the client reframe or rise above their story.   In this model, the key is to identify a current challenge, some issue that you're struggling with, or something that's a recurring pattern in your life, such as "I always stutter when I have to give a presentation to executives".  The next stage is to identify the core story that informs your thinking, such as, "When I gave a class presentation, my third grade teacher told that it was terrible and I didn't have public speaking skills".  Subsequently, you look at your self talk, such as, "I'm not good at public speaking; I'm inferior to executives; I clearly don't have the presence to talk with these people."  The coach's role - or your partner in the pair work - is to ask questions to help you rise above or reframe the story, in a way that gets you or your client get unstuck.