What's the Buzz about the BFR?

 What do members value about the Boston Facilitators Roundtable:
  • The warmth and generosity of the community; the sense that we really are a community, not just a group of people who attend the same meetings.
  • My BFR colleagues are SO smart; I am inspired if not overwhelmed. I like the way the meetings are conducted...very inclusive, one is welcomed.
  • Very high quality and well run.
  • I find the content to be more stimulating than some of the other groups I am involved with, and the people friendlier!
  • The BFR continuously provides impactful learning for me and is a tremendous resource to for the community.
  • I value the effort that has gone into creating this incredible group.
  • It’s such a rich and generous learning community.   
  • I find lots of value and continuing growth from my BFR association.   
  • All these years you have guided us and provided opportunities to increase/enrich the depth and breadth of our capabilities and share and network with colleagues.   
  • Quality of the programs.
  • I feel like a part of its lifeline on the carpet of time.
  • There is a liveliness among participants, a generosity in sharing resources, and interesting topics.
  • The spirit of mutual learning - the "tribe".