December 2022 Holiday Message

Dear all,
We had 2 fun and engaging programs in Nov. and Dec.: Transformative Listening and
The Art of Recognition and Engagement.  I think it’s fair to say that the pair activities generated a magical space of connection.  I’ll include people’s appreciations below.  Thanks again to Tes Cotter, Laurie Sathe and Chris Littlefield for bringing us these wonderful programs.
It’s hard to believe that we’re rounding the corner on 2022, with all that has meant for our professional and personal lives.  As I reflect on 2022, I’m grateful for the BFR community, the camaraderie that we create and the joy that many of us experience from learning with and from one another.  I hope you’ll agree that we collectively set a model for the kind of engagement and learning that employees and leaders are hungry for.
Please join me in thanking the people who are involved in leading and supporting the BFR:
  • The BFR board:  David Ehrmann, Jan Sage, Michael Connolly, Matthias Mokros.
  • The BFR Program Committee:  Bonnie Reiner, Michelle Kempskie, Madeline Snow, Jamie Resker, and advisor Carol Salloway.
  • Calendar coordinator extra-ordinaire, Sharon Kalus.
Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and a Happy and fulfilling New Year!!
The Art of Recognition and Engagement - Appreciations
  • Chris's great energy; Clear, concise, experiential
  • Experiencing both sides of the process - giving AND receiving
  • I really enjoyed the breakout rooms and the chance to connect with two of my colleagues with a guided conversation. Thank you to Chris for providing that space!
  • The reflective recognition idea - taking it a step further than just saying thank you
  • Fresh perspectives! Active involvement of your audience; Well-designed visuals
  • Everything! I could stay for plenty more. The ability to practice and connect
  • Great exercise to help employees feel engaged especially if you use it with a team
Transformative Listening - Appreciations
  • Great way of having people feel heard and more empowered, and how it deepens relationships. 
  • Telling my story was emotional.  I appreciated having someone truly listening to the meaning and how I was feeling.  
  • Great way to empathize
  • I appreciate how intentional the protocol guides were
  • Appreciate the methodical, unrushed way of presenting this process