Invitation to Executive Directors

Collaborative Coaching of Non-Profit Directors
This is a generic invitation for our annual program that we send to Executive Directors who would benefit from getting help on a current organizational challenge. 

The Boston Facilitators Roundtable (BFR) is inviting 7-8 nonprofit executives (EDs, CEOs, or senior staff) to participate in our MAY 10, 2018 program focused on coaching for organizational effectiveness. The purpose is to help you work through any current issues in order to advance your organization.

Participating nonprofit executives will have a chance to work with a small group of consultants on a current problem facing their organizations. The main purpose is to help you get clear about the problem.   BFR members, who are coaches and organizational consultants, also benefit by learning from each other about different approaches to client problems.  You will benefit by receiving useful feedback and insights from experienced consultants. Sample problems include current questions facing your organization around issues like: strategic planning, leadership transition, succession planning, performance evaluation or organizational culture shifts. (Note: this meeting is not designed to provide advice on fundraising).

The BFR is a professional development association for Organizational Development (OD) consultants, executive coaches and facilitators; our members have anywhere from 10-20 years of experience; many have 15-20 years expertise in HR, OD, training and consulting. BFR members work with corporate clients and non-profits, and many have non-profit experience – either serving on a board, coaching executive directors, facilitating strategic planning and/or
grant writing. The BFR received the 2015 Outstanding Regional Network Award from the international OD Network (Organizational Development).

The (date) meeting will run from 9:00am-12:30pm, with the coaching segment being about 2 hours (approx 9:30-12:00), at the end of which the nonprofit execs will be asked for their feedback in terms of how useful it was and what they learned. If needed, they can leave at that time (around 12 noon), but all are welcome to stay as the consultants debrief the experience from their perspective. Indeed, we hope everyone can hear all the reflections, as they can be quite illuminating and makes for a powerful shared learning event.

Interested nonprofit executives should send Abby Yanow ( a short paragraph problem statement describing the issue that you’d like to work through by (deadline).  

Feedback from directors who previously participated in this program:

· It was fabulous; I appreciated the process and the questioning of the consultants.  It helped me start thinking strategically. Some of the questions helped me get back in touch with my creativity.

· Phenomenal process! Such useful information in a safe way. Hugh Aha!  I had issues that were really symptoms of a bigger problem.

· Great process. It's seldom that I get to sit down with folks in a non-threatening process. The team got me down to the data and away from my assumptions. I got great insights, ideas and steps forward. I appreciated the expertise and the variety of insights.

· I lucked out to get clarity - what I came in with was not what I ended up talking about. Really good therapy!

· Most remarkable 5-person therapy! I got a number of lovely small Aha!s which confirmed the good things that we're doing, as well as identifying areas for my personal growth.