Social learning is at the cutting edge of learning.  As Wenger and Trayner say:  Learning that matters today is social, in real time, and inventive.   Social learning means that people engage in problem solving together, as a group, trying to solve a current problem (in real time), and coming up with inventive or creative solutions.  In this program, BFR members ask the Executive directors questions to help them gain clarity about their challenge, which is often different from their initial framing of the problem.  We are very proud of this annual program that generates real-time, inventive outcomes.

Every year (2013-2018) the Boston Facilitators Roundtable (BFR) has invited 7-8 nonprofit executives (EDs, CEOs, or senior staff) to participate in our "Collaborative coaching" program to help them work through a current organizational challenge.  Here's text from our invitation to EDs:

Participating nonprofit executives will have a chance to work with a small group of consultants on a current problem facing their organizations. The main purpose is to help you get clear about the problem.   BFR members, who are coaches and organizational consultants, also benefit by learning from each other about different approaches to client problems.  You will benefit by receiving useful feedback and insights from experienced consultants. Sample problems include current questions facing your organization around issues like: strategic planning, leadership transition, succession planning, performance evaluation or organizational culture shifts. 

Feedback from EDs and consultants: